‘Memory is the scribe of the soul’

  • Winston Churchill knew by heart all of Shakespeare’s works
  • Alexander the Great managed to remember all of his soldier’s names, there were approximately 30,000
  • Bill Gates can remember 100’s of codes from his programming language that he designed

I thought I would share some of my favourite and most embarrassing memories:

  • I was at a summer camp in the summer holidays in 2012, we went to an outdoor adventure activity centre for the day and one of the activities was an obstacle course and there was a team of girls also participating in the course, but of course it was a race. Thw first obstacle was two beams running over a small ditch, it was one of the less challenging obstacles… You simply had to hop over the first beam and slide under the second. When it came to my go. So it came around to my go, I hurdled the first one (Easy!), then on the second one I slipped on a puddle and hit my head on the beam, then the floor, then the beam again and then the floor. I knocked myself out for a few seconds, when I got up I couldn’t stop laughing but everyone else was laughing too. This all happened within the first minute or two of starting, considering this was the first time I had met this group, this was not the first Impression I wanted to make…
  • When I had to do star jumps with porridge down my top?? (don’t try this at home, it’s pretty vile)- if you’re interested here’s two links to my twitter- Star jumps Part1 and Star jumps Part2
  • When a crow pooed all over my bag and bed, (note to self- always leave door to a cabin in a forest). On the camp in the summer, we had a 2-day hike (similar to DoE Bronze) across Exmoor. We packed up, went through the final checklists and went on the coach to our drop off point, we had a whole days walking to the campsite to be told that crows had pooed all over our cabin because we left the door open. Of course, you wouldn’t believe someone when they tell you this and you would think it was a joke, just like I did, they simply replied ‘Wait and see’, after the second day of the hike and once we arrived back at main camp, we ran to the cabin to see if it was all a big prank, I was shocked to see crow faeces on my bed sheets, pillows, bags clothes and even inside my shoe but of course it had to be me or was targeted by the crow???
  • When almost made my family miss the flight in the summer

I have just met up with some friends (who I see rarely)
in London. To be quite honest it was a perfect day..

london 291215
Long time, no see…


Live for the memories, not material objects. You see these photos on social media about how when you get into old age, the thing they regret the most is the fact they didn’t make enough memories and it’s too late. I’m not too sure whether these stories are true but you do always seem to regret not taking the chances and opportunities which were offered.

I would also like to share this ‘person’ with you, he writes in chalk on the floor of Trafalgar Square, he goes under the pseudonym of ‘The Homeless Bard’. I have encountered his work twice this month and they are truly inspiration (Homeless Bard Piece) and click here for his Facebook Page

Wise words from THB



Hope you all had enjoyable Christmas and have an amazing New Year!



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