‘If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, then the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward you’re always in the same place’

I decided to write this post because as well as you being able to get to know me more, it will also allow me to document my ambitions…

I think it’s important to have ambitions because otherwise, what are you living for? If you don’t have ambition, you aren’t going to progress as a person and then you aren’t going to be the best you could be. I feel as if this is a problem in the teenage generations, at this very moment, is the fact school, exams and grades have caused most things post results day exclusive (the grades you get determine what you can or can’t do, such as the 6th form or college you want to go to, the courses you would like to study then the university and careers from then on) because the pressure that is put on teenagers to do well in GCSE years causes many teens to forget about the long term aim and direction but look at everything in the smaller picture leading to worry, panicking and  a drop in self-belief and confidence. With the amount of work and revision which is needed to get the ‘top grades’ means there is not much time to find out your passions and ambitions for the future. I personally believe it’s important for people to have little time to pursue life goals and find out what they’d like to do.

I’m not really sure what my ambitions or ‘Life Goals ‘ are but here is a few I have been thinking of recently:

  1. Mainly to do a job that I love and enjoy, at the moment this seems to be in Journalism or Law because it is researching to people’s stories or about people and fighting for what you believe and this appeals to me.
  2. One other ambition is to live in London with friends, this is because London is such a diverse place and has so many opportunities and small hidden ‘secrets’ as well as transport being so easy, it seems very convenient and nothing is too far away. Living with friends is a no-brainer because it will make life so much easier and make a lot more memories.
  3. Another is to go travelling, this seems to be a pretty ‘mainstream’ goal recently after spending 7 years in compulsory education, a gap year is normally the first opportunity to get away from everything and be able to ‘find yourself’ and explore our world. I mean who wouldn’t want to?

These are my top 3 life ambitions right now and they seem achievable. I think it’s better to have achievable goals rather than have unrealistic goals. If you are able to complete a goal, then you will feel so much better.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, have a great week and I’d love to talk to you all about your ambitions and where you want life to take you!

See you soon..


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