Wolf Alice @ Leas Cliff Hall

Ever since I heard ‘My Love is Cool’ in June 2015, my love for this album and the band has been ever growing. They were the band that introduced me to the ‘indie rock’ genre/scene and if I hadn’t found them, I’m not really sure what music I would be listening to!

After not being able to get tickets for their autumn tour, I was somewhat disappointed in myself because I had the chance to get tickets but I didn’t take it. The disappointment was worsened by my friends telling me how good they were live at Reading in the summer. I was so disappointed with myself that I felt the need to rant to Instagram about my disappointment in not being able to get any tickets for any gig in the autumn.

Wolf Alice came to rescue me. They released a string of dates after they finished their international tour, one of the dates was very local to me, Folkestone. Leas Cliff Hall. 21st March 2016. I immediately asked if I was allowed to go and I got my tickets. Even though this was in October (5 months before the gig), I couldn’t help but feel excited.

The excitement built up day by day, week by week until before I knew it, it was the day of the gig. I was quite excited, i mean to see your favourite band live is a pretty big deal.

Now you know the background, it’s onto the gig.

The first supporting band were Bloody Knees. I had listened to them briefly before the gig and they weren’t exactly ‘my cup of tea’. Anyhow they came on, with three members out of the four looking the same, long hair and baggy hair. the drummer seemed as if he had been pulled in at the last minute to cover for the real member. They started to play for a rather empty venue. Nevertheless they played as if the venue was buzzing. Their music was pretty heavy, with the occasional scream.  The venue slowly filled but not everyone was interested in this band. I did enjoy the set, I will be listening to their music from now on and I’m sure this will not be the last we see of them!

The next support band was Swim Deep, a neo-psychedelic (in short, indie) band from Birmingham. I had not listened to these guys before the gig, so I didn’t know what to expect and I was not sure what was happening when their opening song (Forever Spaceman) started off as an chilled “indie pop” song  but then shortly a dramatic change to an angelic scream and then again to a rather bassy part. Their set finished with ‘Fueiho Boogie’, which is my favourite song from their latest album (Mothers), by this point I was really into the concert and some moderately intoxicated middle aged woman danced into me and spilt her drink all over me and her idea of apologising was to grab hold of me and dance with me . Swim Deep have definitely earned a place in my heart now.

Now onto the main act of the night,Wolf Alice, are a four-piece alternative rock band from London.

By the time Swim Deep had made their way off the stage, the venue has filled up and there was no room to move! with the crew making sure everything was working, making us more anxious and excited to see how the evenjng was going to unfold!

As they made their way onto the stage, screams, whistles and clapping filled the room. A surge of warmth and excitement made me shiver and I couldn’t stop smiling, it felt so good! Soon the noise died down and was replaced as Ellie, Joff, Joel and Theo started their intro which was by no means quiet and relaxing… it was going to be a good night!

They opened their solid set with ‘Your Loves Whore’, which definitely set the mood for the evening. This was followed by one of my favourite songs “You’re a Germ”, highlight probably the whole crowd shouting the chorus specifically “1,2,3,4,5,6,7”. Everyone was enjoy themselves, dancing and signing, old and young. It had such a good atmosphere. As each song went on the crowd got more “rowdy” , but that’s what you’d like at a rock gig, right?

Swallowtail was my favourite song of the night, Giant peach and Lisbon were not too far behin. Swallowtail is mainly a solo by Joel (Drummer) , it was probably one of the most magical moments of my life. It was so angelic and the stage was smokey, all very atmospheric.


The encore was just as good as the concert itself, playing Turn to Dust, Blush and Giant Peach, it was superb. Giant peach was amazing, with the biggest mosh pit started, it couldn’t have ended in a better way.

After around 6 months of waiting, I can finally say it was worth it and I would relive that night over and over, if I could! I will hopefully be seeing them again soon! Although my feet hurting from dancing too much and almost losing my voice, It was totally worth it! It was the most amazing night!!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! Please give these bands a listen because they are fab, I definitely recommend!

Happy Easter! See you Soon!

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