Catfish and the Bottlemen @ Margate Winter Gardens

Friday night and after the first week of exams created the foundations for an amazing gig. Simply Catfish and the Bottlemen smashed it and I’m sure it was an unforgettable evening for all of the sell out crowd at the Margate Winter Gardens. Everything about this night was insane; from the support to the setlist to the wild crowd. The hype surrounding the indie-rock four piece and their 2nd album, The Ride (released yesterday) , was justified by the performance they gave last Friday (20th May) , as well as their new album being pure class.

After a trek to Margate and a 2 hour wait with pizza, the doors finally opened at 7pm and the venue filled up pretty quickly. By the time the support came on the venue was almost at full capacity. The support for this leg of their tour were The Crookes, a band from Sheffield and their style somewhat similar to The Smiths and a feel good vibe to their music. They have also previously toured in 2012 with Catfish and the Bottlemen as the support.George Waite leading the four-piece from the front with some quality vocals, Tom Dakin and Daniel Hopewell on guitar and Adam Crofts strengthened the back with the drums. The Crookes name is originaly inspired by the suburb in Sheffield, in which they come from (Original?).

The Crookes Setlist:

  • Where did our love go?
  • Maybe in the dark
  • The world is waiting
  • If only for tonight
  • Real life
  • Roman Candle
  • I wanna waste my time on you
  • Afterglow

Once The Crookes had left the stage, the crowd was buzzing, fuelled by anticipation and the intensity was rising. Eventually, just after 9pm, the lights went dark and ‘Helter Skelter’ started to play, with the lights flashing in sync with Paul McCartney’s voice. This was Catfish’s Cue to come onto the stage, causing more screams and shouting. The crowd throughout this gig was insane, opening with ‘Homesick’ and then playing all of their songs from their debut album, ‘The Balcony’, as well 5 songs from their new album, ‘The Ride’which were; ‘Soundcheck’, ‘7’,’Anything’,’Red’ and ‘Twice’. The crowd just got more and more intense as the gig went on, with continuous moshing, crowd surfing and pits forming throughout, leading to the huge circle pit form in the last song of the night, ‘Tyrants’ and when the drop hit many fans rushed in and caused chaos. The crowd were sweaty and messy caused by what seemed to be the never ending jumping, screaming and moshing which created the intense atmosphere, which has now become a well-known characteristic of any Catfish and the Bottlemen gig. The entire show left me in awe and I was overwhelmed, Van’s vocals were on point, as were Benji and Bondy’s riffs on the guitar, despite Bondy having to go off as his guitar was playing up but the atmosphere didn’t drop and was the band is really topped off by Bob’s work behind on the drums.

My favourite songs from the night were ‘Twice’, which is from the new album and they had released it the night before (19th May) on the Apple Music radio station, ‘Beats 1’ as Zane Lowe’s World Record and my other favourite was Van’s acoustic solo of ‘Hourglass’, in which the crowd sang every line with him and leaving him speechless as he let the crowd sing the last verse, “Offer my hand and I’ll take your name, share my shower, kiss my frame cause I wanna carry all of your children and I wanna call them stupid sh*t”. The gig was insane from when them came on stage to ‘Helter Skelter’ all the way through to the end with the finale of ‘Tyrants’. If you ever get a chance to see this band, take the opportunity because you will not be disappointed. I cannot give Van, Bondy, Benji and Bob enough credit for their work, from Their debut album, their work on stage to the new music they create as well as winning ‘Best British Breakthrough’ at the this years Brits, their debut selling 250,000 copies and their gigs selling out in minutes, this band is destined for even more success in the future and they deserve every second of it.

‘The Ride’ is out now! If you haven’t listened yet, you’re missing out. It’s available to buy and can be found all major streaming sites apart from Spotify, where it will be available on 10th June). It is already placed #1 on the iTunes album chart, so itself explanitory. Go Listen.



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