Introducing: The Seamonsters

Introducing, The Seamonsters, the indie all-girl six-piece from Sheffield are an emerging band in Sheffield’s music scene and providing a fresh style which they like to describe as ‘Indie Glitter’, with angelic voices and powerful lyrics as well as first class guitar and bass. I recently got in touch with them and had a chat about their band and music.  Made up of Naomi, Holly, Tassie, Lydia, Lauren and Ciara, all of whom are still in education, despite this the music the band are producing is outstanding and it is clear how much passion and commitment the band are pouring into their project. The band has already played at some of Sheffield’s finest venues such as headlining the O2 Academy, as well as having a set at Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival ! They have been likened to Black Honey and The Wombats. The band have released a series of singles and are working towards their second EP. My favourite songs from their Demo EP are ‘Afraid of Heights’ and ‘Wonderland’. This band is for any fan of relaxing indie music or bands such as Wolf Alice, the Wombats and Bombay Bicycle Club. Listen to The Seamonsters!


For more about the band, you can read my interview with them below.

Tell me about your band – Who’s in it and how did you meet?

We’re The Seamonsters and we’re from Sheffield, we describes ourselves indie glitter! Most of us met at a drama group we used to go to (a couple of us are childhood friends), Naomi sings, Lauren plays bass, Holly plays lead guitar, Tassie is on rhyme, Lydia plays keys and Ciara plays drums.

I assume you’re all still at school – how do you find the balance between the band and school?

Yep, we’re all either at sixth form or college! Finding a balance can sometimes be tricky around exam season but it’s generally okay, we have a set slot on Sundays that we always practice so we just work around that really.

Where are you from, what is the music scene like?

We’re from Sheffield and the music scene is really good! Obviously bands like Arctic Monkeys and Pulp are big influences as they too are from Sheffield but there’s also a really good scene at the moment, bands like The SSS, The Redfaces and Oddity Road are definitely ones to look out for

When and why did you start playing/singing?

We started the band in 2012, kind of just for something to do and also because we all played instruments so it kind of made sense. There was a few bands our age starting up and they were all boys so we wanted to give it a go.

 What bands/artists have influenced you and are there any local bands who inspired you?

We’re really influenced by bands like The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club in terms of our style of music but for performing we look at bands like Black Honey and Wolf Alice who are both amazing. Yeah, like we said there’s a good scene in Sheffield at the moment so playing a lot of Sheffield gigs is really nice as you get to see other great local bands. We recently played with Inner State who we really like and we’ve got a gig coming up with Bayonet which we’re soooo excited for!

What is your dream venue or festival to headline and why?

Dream festival would obviously be Glastonbury just because so many amazing bands play there and everything about it is great. Not sure about dream venue, our favourite Sheffield venue is definitely the Leadmill though.

 Do you feel as if women in the music industry are treated differently?

I don’t think we’ve personally experienced this too much, I think they definitely can be but for us it’s not been too much of a problem so far. In fact, in some ways it’s been an advantage as it makes us stand out.

What are your plans for the future, in terms of gigging and recording?

We’re supporting Bayonet on the 2nd of December at the Leadmill and then we’ve got some really exciting stuff planned for next year! We’ve been recording for a while so that should be ready sometime soon, we’re so excited for people to hear new songs and how much we’ve improved since our first demo EP!

What is your favourite song you have released?

Our favourite song from the demo EP is Sunshine Criminal but our favourite song we’ve ever written is Lost (and Found) which hopefully people will be able to hear soon!

If you could tour with any band who could it be?

This is such a hard question because we love so many bands but some kind of girl power festival would be so cool, with bands like Wolf Alice, Black Honey, The Big Moon, Dream Wife and Pale Waves! We’d love that!

For more on the band check them out on FacebookInstagram, Soundcloud and Twitter

Images taken by Lydia Maycock


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