Introducing: Native People

I recently got into contact with the emerging local band, Native People. On 20th October, Native People played at The Gulbenkian @ Uni of Kent, I was lucky enough to catch up with front-man Reuben after the set. The Gig was a small tour warm-up performance supported by other emerging local bands, Holy Pinto and Glass Peaks, both performing superb sets. Holy Pinto, a Canterbury duo delivering a set filled with classic indie-pop but with an undertone of punk and moments of heavy drums and guitar, as well as the emotion that lies within their lyrics. Glass Peaks, Bexleyheath four-piece showcasing ‘melancholic alt-pop’, filled with raw and energetic passion fuelled by the spirited guitar and the unpredictable turns within their songs, (Interview with Glass Peaks coming soon, so watch this space). Native People, indie quartet from Folkestone, delivered a set consisting of songs mainly from their EP,’To Lose What’, which was released in early August. My favourite song being ‘Call Me’, which was accompanied by Glass Peaks chanting back at Reuben throughout the song. The set didn’t disappoint. Native People have recently released new single, ‘Figure It Out‘, which is class and I definitely recommend having a listen. This band is definitely one to watch, they have had significant recognition through BBC Introducing and are about to embark on their UK headline tour.
Native People, as I describe above are an indie-pop quartet from Folkestone. Their songs, in the main are both happy in tune and lyrics and are all about having a good time. With their inspiration coming from the 80s golden era with bands such as The Smiths, The Stone Roses etc have helped to form the sound that is so unique but similar to bands such as the late Viola Beach. I would definitely recommend this band.
For more on Native People, you can read my interview with Reuben below.

Tell me about your band- Who’s in it and how did you meet?

NP: So there’s myself (Reuben), Hud, Luke and Connor in the band. We met through different ways involving through friends of friends, playing in other bands and a website (Sounds more dodgy than it is)

When and Why did you start playing music?

NP: Money! No of course not, you don’t make money from being in a band! We do it because we really enjoy making music. Doing it with your best friends just makes it that much sweeter! Playing together we’ve going for 3 years, as the band is now about 2 years!

What is your dream venue or festival to headline and why?

NP: Brixton Academy hands down! It’s a venue that holds lots of great memories going to gigs and developing the love for making music and playing it to people live in a room with great sound! Everything from the Dome as you’re approaching the outside of the venue to the slanted floor which means everyone can see the stage, it’s perfect!

Being from Folkestone, what are your views on the growing music scene in Kent?

NP: We love being from Kent, it’s so small that you get to hear all these great bands and artists coming out of here (Mainly through BBC Introducing)! Saying that, for such a small county there is so much good music coming from here. At the moment Kent is missed on a lot of bands touring dates which sucks but it’s gradually getting better!

Who have been your influences as a band?

NP: We all have our tastes in music but share a lot of the same with each other! For our band we take lots of influences from 80’s Indie/Pop and 90’s Rnb as well as lots of music we hear everyday. David Bowie, Michael Jackson, M83, Talking Heads, Orange Juice, The 1975 and lots more!

Did you have different life plans before joining a band or was this always the goal?

NP: Things like Uni and travelling were an option but we decided to try to work hard and let the band take us travelling.

Who would be your dream artist or band to perform with, dead or alive?

NP: Probably Michael Jackson to have a chat and a beer with after I guess. Although I’m sure he had a great drink taste.

What are your future plans for the band, in terms of gigging and recording?

NP: We’ve got our first Headline UK Tour in November so working on getting ready for that! We’re going to spend some more time writing for a few singles early next year.

What excites you the most about your upcoming headline tour?

NP: Breaking down and having to push the van up a steep hill! I think really to see the turn outs and meet new people who have discovered the band. We’ve never done anything like this before so We are just really looking forward to all the different things that will probably happen.

What is your favourite tour memory so far?

NP: We had our first show outside of the UK back in August in Germany at a small festival. We drove over the day before (Which took so long) so was hoping there would be at least a few people watching us at the festival! It was raining hard before our set and started to clear out a bit, by the time we had everything line checked and ready to go there were around 12,000 people there. The crowd was completely lovely and very engaging with the set, so that as a memory will be the first time playing to such a large and great audience.
For more on the band, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter.
Tickets for their headline show are available here.

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