Single Review: Tell Her How You Feel, The Assist

Catchy Indie-Rock from the Walsall rockers.

‘There’s not so many loves stories anymore societies developed requirements for them all.’


The new single Tell Her How You Feel was released yesterday. It shows off the bands sound which has been polished and finely tuned after the release of their debut EP, Trouble. Tell Her How You Feel, gives fans a taste of what the band has to deliver; funky bass, energetic guitar, hard-hitting drums… is all topped with Mikey’s vigorous vocals.The single has a deep meaning, which encourages the younger generation to be more open about their feelings. Speaking about their new release, the band said ‘We wrote the song in hope that people would listen and become a little less close with regards to how they feel about someone/something. It’s too easy these days to let social media get a hold of our perception of what is and what is not expected of us‘. The band then explains this further, ‘No one should be judged for how they feel, nor should they spend countless days hiding their emotions because of the picture of expectancy that social media has painted. How is it that these days a like on someone’s profile picture can indicate an attraction? Just tell them in person… A love story was never written via text or e-mail‘. For me, this is a really important message which should be heard by the youth of today and tomorrow. Express yourself

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Find the music video below:


6 thoughts on “Single Review: Tell Her How You Feel, The Assist

  1. Your grammar is appalling and the “review” is structured like a toddler wrote it. Just another review from another Q magazine writer wannabe. Learn a bit about music before you write these, and instead of just looking at an interview and saying “I agree”, actually develop your own ideas.


  2. I for one enjoyed it. Everyone has to start somewhere and develop their skills. I hope that your previous reader feels able to pass on some useful tips about how to write a blog, otherwise mate it’s just sour grapes which would be a waste. I like the way you are thoughtful about the big issues facing our world today such as the explosion in social media and the effects on individuals and society as a whole. Well done and keep going x


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