Interview: The Hunna


Hertfordshire indie four-piece, The Hunna exploded onto the scene in October 2015 and have quickly become one of the UK’s biggest sensations. They released stellar debut single Bonfire, which instantly hooked many listeners. They have sold out every show they have ever announced to date and have played at countless festivals and taken the US by storm. Add this to the momentous debut album, 100 and consistently loyal, passionate and energetic fan base. This makes them one of the most exciting bands in the indie scene right now. Here’s The Hunna.


Tell me about your band- Who’s in it and how did you all meet?

We are Ryan (Valentino), Daniel Dorney (BD), Cuneyt Angin (Jamma) and Jack Metcalfe (IK). Tino & I (BD) met at college on a Music Practice course in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Aged 16. We decided we would start a band… have been best friends, playing in bands and writing music together ever since. We then met IK and asked him to come play drums for us, after the first rehearsal we knew he was the one. I’ve personally known Jamma since we were tiny and introduced him to the guys. IK then asked Jamma if he would be interested in playing bass for us, he gave it a go and loved it. The Hunna was born…


So you’re from Watford, what’s the local music scene like?

There isn’t a Watford music scene anymore… When we were younger the local music scene was very busy and exciting, but as the years went on local shows became limited and people just stopped attending. A lot of well-known bands who are known today came from Hertfordshire; Friendly Fires, Gallows, Enter Shikari, Lower Than Atlantis and a few more. I personally believe that music and its popularity runs in cycles. But every time it comes around that genre of music slightly develops with a fresher sound. I’m sure someday in the future history will repeat itself and local shows will pick up again.

You have been extremely successful for a band who only formed in late 2015, what do you think this is down to?

True that! We have only been released for a year now and we have accomplished a lot in that short amount of time. However before officially releasing ourselves we spent nearly two years under the radar without a name or any online presence. In that time we did nothing but write as many songs as humanly possible. Once we felt like the music was ready we were ready to show it to the world. We also signed a deal with a great record label called High-Time Records. They understand the modern market and spend money logically and correctly compared to most record labels out there who still like to do things the old-fashioned way. We believe in them and they believe in us. Blessed.

2016 was massive for you as a band, firstly you toured the US, how was this experience?

Ahh man it was so incredible! America is crazy awesome, so much to see and do there. Going on tour with Jimmy Eat World, The Struts and AltNation was dope! We have mad love for them and the country. We met so many incredible people and we can’t wait to go back in 2017. Gunna be seeing a lot of the US.


Secondly, What has been the reception of your debut album released back in August?

The reception was massive! We hit number 13 on the officially UK Charts which was unbelievable! We didn’t know where the album would go, especially being released for only 8/9 months at the time. We’re very proud of the chart position and can’t wait to see what album two will do. Big up to the H-Gang for getting it there! Mad love for them, forever and always.

Is there a recurring theme to your music, especially within your debut?

We wanted our listeners to know that they can do anything they wanna do regardless of what other people think. Put 100% into everything you do and enjoy life. We always like to write about real life experiences. Real and relatable songs.

How does it feel to be selling out venues regularly?

Insane. Dream come true for sure. The UK tours are getting bigger and bigger. We’re so excited for the tour this January! 100.

How are you feeling about you UK headline tour this month?

Can’t wait for it! It’s going to be a shutdown. Estimated for a complete sell out again. So far we have sold out every UK tour we have ever done, hopefully we can keep that record going. Only four venues left, make sure you get your tickets asap…


Who have been your influences as a band?

All four of us have a universal music taste. We will listen to anything as long as it sounds great and keeps us listening. A great track is a great track at the end of the day.

What are your future plans for the band, in terms of gigging and recording?

We will be releasing album two this year, so stoked for that! Also will be touring globally and playing everything festival available.

What has been the best gig you have ever been to?

Has to be Foals at Alexandra Palace. The energy from the crowed was incredible!

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Find The Hunna’s debut single below:



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