Introducing: Holy Pinto

Aymen and Ryan are the make up of Holy Pinto, the indie-rock duo from Canterbury. Their style combining Indie-pop with subtle elements of the Emo and Punk scene whilst having clear influences from the likes of The Front Bottoms, they still create a sound, which is primarily unique and you can’t help but not dance or tap your feet. Holy Pinto released their debut album, Congratulations in April 2016 and recently toured the US. On 26th January, they played at The Ballroom, a small intimate venue,usually one of the city’s liveliest clubs. It was a class night of music with Venture and Brightlight City as support, both delivering superb sets. Holy Pinto delivered a short set of 8 songs which included; King, Tooth, Best Pals and Hospital Room. Holy Pinto performed with such passion and energy, which creates a truly encompassing live show. The duo have now established themselves as One of Kent’s ones to watch. Now after seeing them twice since October, I totally agree with that claim.


To find out more on Holy Pinto, read my interview below:

Tell me about the origins of Holy Pinto? 
Aymen: Ryan and I have been life long friends and always shared a similar passion for music, having many of the same favourite bands for the last 15 years. But it wasn’t until we both graduated university that we finally nailed down the plan for the band. Starting off with just the two of us we rented a rehearsal space in Manchester and wrote the first Holy Pinto songs! We both came back home to Kent with an album under our belt and things kicked on from there.
How do you feel you have progressed as a band?
Ryan: I think as time has gone on our song writing has become more mature and complex while still retaining our original style. Last year we played live as much as possible and toured the UK, Europe and the USA – as a result our live show is on another level than it used to be.
How would you describe your sound? 
A: Indie Pop songs that stray into the realms of the Emo and Punk scene. We try to be original and creative and don’t worry too much about putting a label on it.
You are part of the emerging music scene in Kent, with loads of bands breaking onto the scene such as Native People, Get Inuit and Glass Peaks. What’s it like to be part of this?
R: Yeah it’s awesome! In the last couple of years the Kent music scene has grow massively. It’s great to share a stage with great upcoming bands, Kent’s music scene is alive and well for sure. There are a lot of different avenues for bands to pursue herein Kent and I think that’s really healthy and encourages people of all musical backgrounds to get out there and do it. We’re stoked to be a part of it!
So you released your debut album ‘Congratulations’ in April last year. First of, what was the writing and recording process like?
A: We wrote the album in Manchester and fittingly returned there to record it with the excellent Bob Cooper at the helm. In terms of writing, it was a fairly organic process, we didn’t force anything or put a deadline on when the songs had to be done or how they had to sound. I would usually pen my lyrics and then in a joint effort with Ryan the music would flow from there. The recording of the album was intense and thorough and we loved every minute of it! Bob got the best out of us and it’s exactly what we needed, it was awesome to be in the studio with time to add extra instruments and ideas to the songs; you’ll find organ, trumpet, keys and extra percussion on the record!
Secondly, How has the album been recieved?
R: We released the album via Soft Speak Records which is an awesome label based in New Jersey. The reception was great, and the release of the album has spurred us on as a band and given us purpose to go out and put it in people’s ears by playing as many live shows as possible. It’s really meaningful to me that people have connected with the record on some level.
Are there any recurring messages/themes within your music? 
A: There definitely are yes. Both of us are drawn to music and artists who have a theme, message or story to tell and that’s reflected in our own song writing. There are themes of escapism, loss, relationships, and optimism throughout ‘Congratulations’.
Who have been your musical influences?
R: When on tour we have a strict list of mandatory band listening on the drives! Artists like Jens Lekman, Jonathan Richman, Maritime, Manchester Orchestra, The Front Bottoms, The Shins and The Format always get a few spins!
What are your plans for 2017, especially in terms of recording and gigs?
A: Each year we aim to step it up and do more than ever before. That means plenty of touring, both at home and abroad as well as the distinct possibility of new music released – stay tuned!
Who are the greatest band in your eyes, in terms of performing? 
R: We both rate Less Than Jake for a live show! Those dudes have been going for so long and they still bring the energy and stage show every time! Inspirational stuff.
Find video for Hospital Room below: 
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