Introducing: The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe, an indie/pop rock outfit from Liverpool, made up of 18 year olds; Sean, Arran, Josh and Carl . Since they released debut demos Growing Up and Addicted, they now have You Changing With The Seasons and Mixed Signals behind their belts leading up to release of their EP, Get Away From The Feeling. They have had support slots with The Wombats, Sundara Karma and The Hunna which got their music out there as well as upcoming support slots for Blaenavon. However, they are still very much shining from under the radar. The Liverpool outfit have started 2017 with the release of Strange Clothes and have an upcoming headline tour as well as the aforementioned EP. Here’s what they had to say on the music industry and scenes, their sound and their plans for 2017.
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Tell me about the band- Who’s in it and How did you meet?
We are Sean, Arran, Josh and Carl. We all met through secondary school and mutual friends.
Coming from Liverpool, do you feel the music scene is in the shadows of Manchester’s renowned scene?
No, not really. Scenes don’t exist anymore really as it’s all on the internet, bands can become ‘big’ before playing a single show. There are a few bands coming up out of Manchester at the moment,
but it seems like it’s coincidental, rather than the result of a thriving music scene.
What are your opinions on the current state of the Music Industry? 
As a consumer, it’s probably the best time to be in. Free access to almost every piece of music that has ever been released. But on the other hand, getting like £0.0033 per stream on Spotify is shit.
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Who have been your influences?
High School Musical soundtrack and Slipknot haha.
How would you describe your sound?
For the most part we’re Dreampoppy, Shoegazey, Rocky influenced goodness.
Your single, You Change with the Seasons is mega. How has it been received?
Very well, it’s been smashing it on Spotify so far. It’s one of our favourites.
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What are your plans for 2017, in terms of gigging and recording?
We’ve just finished doing some dates with Sundara Karma and Blaenavon this month, then we’ve got a headline tour next month. Lots of writing and recording being done also. Maybe even an EP in the first half of the year.
What can people expect from your live gigs?
Bangers seriously going off, oowah-ah-ah
What would be your dream gig to perform at; Venue, support etc.?
The Abbey Friar. Our support acts would be, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Oasis and Michael Jackson
What is your favourite song that you have produced?
You Change with the Seasons is probably the favourite song that we have released. Usually our favourite is whatever the latest release is.
Find out more on the band on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

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