New Music Madness

Friday 10th March was the best day for new music releases this year and has set the bar high. Friday included new albums from the revolutionised Circa Waves through Different Creatures and Little Comets with WORHEAD. EP’s from The Night Cafe, False Heads and my personal favourite, Release The Breaks by Tom Grennan. Not to forget singles from Coldplay, Black  Honey, High Tyde, Fickle Friends, Kid Wave and Will Joseph Cook. Plus Catfish and The Bottlemen releasing an acoustic of 7.

Here’s what I had to say on Catfish and The Bottlemen and Will Joseph Cook’s releases:

Catfish and The Bottlemen – 7 (Acoustic)

After their stellar sophomore album was released back in May, Catfish and The Bottlemen have revisited 7, the opening single from The Ride, and have added a fresh touch. 

The track was originally moody and explosive which was fuelled by Van’s gravelly and ragged vocals and Johnny Bond’s thrilling riffs culminating with his solo halfway through the track. was the first track from their 2nd LP to be unveiled to fans during their various tours in 2015.

The revamped version has taken away the explosive nature of 7.  Van McCann and his fellow band-mates have shown they can produce tracks such as, Heathrow, Hourglass and Glasgow which provide something a little different from the raucous and energetic nature of Catfish and The Bottlemen are renowned for.

Van McCann’s stripped back vocals produce a raw and moving piece, combined with the laid back effect of the acoustic guitar, the Llandudno natives have created a track which is on par with the original and is definitely a track to cure the Monday morning blues.

This track comes just after frontman, Van admitted in an interview that their material for the bands 3rd LP has been written and will be recorded since the year is up. As well as their headline slot at summer one-day festival Community Festival which will also see The Wombats, Slaves and The Hunna grace the stage. Its quite the time to be a Catfish and The Bottlemen fan.


Will Joseph Cook – Biggest Fan

Biggest Fan is the latest track released from his upcoming debut album, Sweet Dreamer released on 14th April to which this track will be the opener. The Tunbridge Wells native has already been gaining momentum since the re-release of Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine) which was made BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Track in the World. The hype surrounding the indie wonder-kid has been strengthened by his latest single.

If you don’t know by now, Will Joseph Cook releases catchy yet uplifting indie-pop time and time again. He has not disappointed with Biggest Fan. Combining intelligent lyrics, heartfelt story-lines and funky rhythms, that instantly make you want to get up and find your groove. Will has yet again create a track which will find its home in the summer on the fields of festivals. Will performed the track on his tour with Sundara Karma as support and the crowd simply loved it.

Biggest Fan is a beautiful track which describes the well-known saying; absence makes the heart grow fonder. The track showcases Will’s honesty through his songwriting and is trying to tell everyone somethings are awful but get on with it. Biggest Fan is a sweet, jaunty ode to long-distance relationships.

Will explains the meaning and inspiration behind the track; “I wrote this song in the autumn about a long distance relationship maintained by crackled Facetime calls from different time zones”.

One thing to expect from WJC’s upcoming album is lush and groovy indie bangers to be played all over the place and judging by the material he has already released, something big is about to take place.


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