EP Review: EP Three, The Magic Gang


The Magic Gang have quickly become one of the UK’s  most exciting new indie bands. Across their first two EPs, The Magic Gang created refreshingly cool indie tracks so the quality of EP Three comes as no surprise and arrives as a reminder of their limitless potential. The new EP was released on Friday (24th March) and becomes part of The Magic Gang’s already impressive discography. The four track EP shows the band have even more to offer through producing a significantly darker release and especially when thinking of an debut album (which has to come soon, right?) , proving it is going to be one of the most exciting releases yet. The EP really puts Jack’s vocals in the spotlight and combined with the heavy use of back up vocals and harmonising, the result is simply marvelous.


Opening with Hotel Apathy, a more cynical and slightly darker track compared to the cheerful choruses of All This Way or Jasmine. The opener includes gorgeous guitar which is accompanied by Jack’s soft, calming vocals glide over the opening riffs. Hotel Apathy is a track with funky guitar and simple, soothing vocals at its core and consequently creates a track which is a brilliant listen. Pre-release, The Magic Gang gave fans a flavour of what was to come through How Can I Compete, a groovy track with a feel good dance vibe but returns back to the previous EPs with a huge chorus which comes after a intense guitar build up and has Jack asking “How can i compete, I don’t want a contest”.  No One Else, is on equally as magical as the other tracks, soft guitar and vocals. Jack’s vocals are probably at their best on this track, you can really hear the emotion in his voice. The final track on the EP, Life Without You, an extremely simple yet clever track. Life Without You, encompasses the aforementioned back up vocals through background ‘ooh la la’s’ to singing along with Jack’s dreamy vocals accompanied with the soft strumming of guitar, which really strengthens the track. The track really has an introverted feel which fuels the indie perfection.


EP Three is simply stunning and flawless.  Just over a year from  The Magic Gang EP, this release proves that The Magic Gang are on the verge of creating something magical. The Magic Gang are producing feel good, heartfelt, modern indie guitar rock and I can’t wait for more.

Listen to the EP below:

The Magic Gang are currently on tour supporting Circa Waves with INHEAVEN and go on their headline tour next month with support from Abattoir Blues and Paris Youth Foundation.


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