Single Review: Deliverance, Rationale

Rationale has simply one of the most mesmerisingly majestic voices you will ever hear. Since he featured on Bastille’s Axe To Grind the release of his debut EP, Fuel To Fire, he has managed to catch the attention of many, including; Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. The effect which his music has on you is heightened by his honest and heartfelt lyrics. Earlier this year, he release a 4 track EP, Vessels, including tracks: Prodigal Son, Reciprocate, Tethered and the title track itself. The EP itself was filled with uplifting vocals and powerful messages fuelled by the native Zimbabwean’s empowering nature.

Deliverence (released 24th March) is no different. It doesn’t take long for his distinct voice to cut through the rather melancholy backing. Rationale has become known for his relatable lyrics, Deliverance was written following a horrific personal experience and pays respect to anyone who has trouble letting go and the track takes us into a huge frenzy of emotion which many of us know too well. His latest single again showcases Rationale’s impressive vocal range, hitting huge yet haunting falsettos to a rich baritone and nothing short of brilliant or flawless. He sings; ‘If deliverance from the bitterness means I’ll have to let you go then I’ll, I’ll keep hanging on…’ , which really sums up the message of the track. The song is just enchanting. The singer-songwriter’s latest single captivates its listeners from the first note.

Following on from his just-released EP, Vessels, Rationale has provided his fans with another impeccable track. All leading up to his highly-anticipated debut album which has to come soon and cannot be nothing short of astoudning. Rationale will get back on the road next month and will perform in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Listen to the track below:



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