Album Review: Sweet Dreamer, Will Joseph Cook


Will Joseph Cook released his debut single, Message, back in 2015 at the age of 16. Now 3 years and a box of blonde hair dye later, Cook  has now released his debut album, Sweet Dreamer. As an artist he is redefining the meaning of pop-star with his album of ‘pop bangers’. He has already become a favourite at Radio 1, featuring as Mistajam’s ‘Hottest Record’ and on Huw Stephen’s ‘It’s Album Time’. This is Will’s time to shine.

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In fact, with this album he is the brightest light in the sky. Kent native, Will Joseph Cook has brought an album which brings a perfect storm raining technicolor feel-good pop. His refreshing take on indie pop and vocals will push him into the spotlight, where he belongs. The album itself is full of ‘sad kid stuff’ (as said by Will, himself) but the sound of the album tells us otherwise, full of feel good beats that force you to get up and dance yet the emotionalism can still bring a tear to your eyes. Will has managed to bring huge diversity to Sweet Dreamer; from the fruity steel drums in Plastic, sensuous funkiness in Treat Me Like A Lover to mellow yet melodic electric guitar of Light of The Day to the minimalist low-fi synths of Hands. Providing fresh new twists and ideas hiding around ever corner, pulling you in deeper into Will’s dreamy goodness. Another element, Cook has mastered is anthemic choruses erupting from the heart of each track, you just have to look at Sweet Dreamer, Girls Like Me and Take Me Dancing. These tracks are made for live performances and will have thousands chanting back. Will Joseph Cook has produced a soundtrack to your summer.

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For me, off the album, my favourite tracks are Habit due to the raw emotion and the realness in the lyrics. Alive, the upbeat and quirky aura coupled with the outbursts of emotion, makes the track one of Will’s best. and Water’s Gone Cold, seems like a step back from WJC’s upbeat party which is present in all eleven other tracks but Water’s Gone Cold, slows things down and leaves us with Will delivering a heartfelt ballad accompanied by stripped back guitar. Overall, Sweet Dreamer is a statement by Will Joseph Cook, marking his position on the map and its the first step in his climb to the top, the variation shows off Will’s talent; from Sweet Dreamer to Light Of The Day to Water’s Gone Cold.

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Can Will Joseph Cook, yes he can.

Catch Will Joseph Cook on tour, this is one you won’t want to miss:

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Listen to the album in full below:


Album Rating: ★★★★★


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