Single Review: 1994, Deep.Sleep

Newcastle indie-rock outfit, Deep.Sleep are back and have dropped their sophomore single 1994. Following on from their debut, Slowdown, Deep.Sleep have shared their first track of 2017. They have been building up a reputation through their energetic and extraordinary live show and are now one of the hottest Geordie bands The single was launched through an intimate gig at Little Buildings in Newcastle.

Deep.Sleep have stayed true to their roots. The track tells a story of a turbulent love affair with an older women whilst on a chaotic night out in Newcastle. Opening with a huge guitar riff, subtle murmurs and shortly joined by lively drums. Front-man Dan Frend’s vocals kick in and consequently, creating an upbeat yet ambient track. 1994 has an extremely catchy chorus; She’s from 1994…. 

Dan speaking about the track; “I think the liberation that comes with recording and producing your own record fits though because this was the song that started the band, it’s that vulnerability that comes with wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting it forward into the public domain that really makes our music so important because it’s so personal and up front and honest lyrically, I like to be personal and relevant and political in our tunes because it’s what the kids need”

Indie-rockers bring their influences, New Order and early-The 1975 to create a track which is putting Deep.Sleep on the map. Following on from 1994, Deep.Sleep will not be stopping here as they gear up for a busy year with a UK tour, new content and fresh music videos.

Check out the track below:



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