News: The 1975 announce their third album, ‘Music For Cars’

The 1975 have had multiple rumours surrounding their third studio album, which have only been fuelled by the front man himself, Matty Healy. Today (27th April), the rumours were finally put to bed through Beats One host Zane Lowe’s interview with The 1975.

Matty Healy hints, “The cat will be out of the bag soon”. The 1975 have been on a non-stop roller-coaster since the release of I Like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, with relentless touring across UK, Europe and the US including two huge dates at The O2 supported by The Japanese House. Releasing their cover of By Your Side, a Sade cover, this showcased the new era, with a fresh new style. Prerhaps this gave an insight into the “new era”. Following the release of their sophomore album, the Mancunian outfit have earned their place as headliners of Parklife and Latitude.

Matty Healy said: “The first record was black and white and had this vocab, where as,  the second record was pink and that vocab. Once we set up these two eras all I keep hearing about is the next era, that’s the way they talk about the next era, that’s how they talk about future material and I kinda have to reveal to people.”

Unveiling the name of  the upcoming LP, “The next record is called music for cars, that’s the title and it references our second/third EP. Music For Cars has always been called that, we always gonna do a trilogy of records, I’m not saying after this album its the end of the 1975 but its definitely the end of an era”

The 1975 are renowned for their aesthetic and the different colour scheme for the two albums, however, they want Music For Cars to be a product of the decade that The 1975 have been around,”Our third record, the final part of the trilogy, will come out in 2018. It spans a decade.’ Healy continues. “It’s all been one era”

Matty Healy outlined his standards for the album, “It needs to be the ultimate The 1975 album, needs all of the self-reference and sub-context that our fans have come to not, just love, but need.” Healy continues, “I want to write the best songs in the world”

Zane Lowe commented on The 1975’s status within the genre, “You guys have changed the shape of pop music and 100% influenced artists whether they acknowledge it or not”

Zane Lowe asked: “What are the bands plans for the rest of the year’

Healy replied: “Headline Parklife and Latitude as our last two swan songs before we have to make our best record yet’

Keep an eye out for more news, as I can’t be the only one who is very excited for this!


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