Single Review: Venice, FLIIIS


FLIIIS, a two-piece hailing from Manchester are dedicated to creativity and the result is unconventional indie-pop. Mixing elements from across all genres culminating in a product which is truly unique to FLIIIS.

The duo has numerous releases to their name including, ‘Conversations’, ‘Feel It’ and ‘Make Me Cry’. They strengthen these singles through adding home-produced B-sides which are sublime. The DIY approach which FLIIIS take is intriguing and extremely relaxing.

‘Venice’ is a track which explodes with tropically-infused beats, soothing vocals and dirty guitar riffs. The extremely catchy exotic tune pulls you in creating a track which leaves you craving more. This track is showing a new side of FLIIIS, which is an exciting prospect, proving they are not a one trick pony.

Much like the previous releases, the track comes with a home recording, ‘This Storm Is In’, screams DIY from the off. The B-side much like ‘Venice’ has a continuously ambient vibe. FLIIIS are not only a band but a vessel for their art in the form of this project, which provides something people can escape to and relate to.

For me, this is their strongest release to date. The duo has really matured in their sound and have created a track which still keeps the creativity and DIY at heart but bring in refreshing vibes through the various instruments, the band uses to create their music.

Since forming in 2016, the duo have started to make a name for themselves and have come full speed into 2017 with another string of releases, which only strengthen each time. FLIIIS have become a regular on their local BBC radio station (Stoke-on-Trent) through BBC Introducing. They are starting their headline UK tour this week and will definitely not be one to miss.


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