Single Review: Explore, Sundara Karma

We were already craving new music but did not expect it this soon. However, we are not complaining as new Sundara Karma is always a treat

Image result for Sundara Karma explore

Sundara Karma dropped new track on 8th May. This came after they sent fans on a treasure hunt across Instagram. The prize was a nugget of the new track, Explore. Alongside the new track, Sundara Karma announced they will be adding three more tracks to their debut album to bring the track listing up to 15 and will be released on 7th July. The new tracks are; Explore, Lahkey and Another Word for Beautiful. Proving they are in control, they want to make sure their debut album is what they want it to be.

Explore takes us back to the 70s with a groovy disco track which is full of energyv and can be seen as one of their most extravagant track yet as it radiates its indie-glamour. It has glorious guitars, boisterous brass and high flying hooks. This track sucks you in further with every second that passes. The track shows a side to Sundara Karma which we hadn’t seen yet but always knew was there.

Sundara Karma reveal new track ‘Explore’

Clocking in at almost four minutes, we can’t quite get enough of the lengthy yet faced paced intro before slowing down and to allow Ozzy’s lush vocals to soar over the masterpiece which Sundara Karma have created. One which will really get the crowd whipping out their finest dance moves. The multi-layers which pile Ozzy’s graceful voice over each other to finish the track on a high.




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