Introducing: The Harlyns

Meet The Harlyns, rock’n’roll four piece from Bishop Stortford. Made up of Joe Leak (Lead vocals/guitar), Zac Izod (Lead Guitar), Stephen Walsh (Drums) and Ash Kirk (Bass), who are all 17. They have recently release debut single and are preparing for the release of their upcoming EP. They aim to “fill the gap left after oasis dissolve and bring back proper rock’n’roll” says Zac. Proved by their huge debut single. Their influences are clear; The Britoip great’s Oasis and Rock’n’Roll legends Arctic Monkeys. Here’s what the band had to say:


Tell me about the origins of The Harlyns?

JOE: Zac (Lead guitarist) and Stephen (drummer) have both been school mates for years and jamming together, at a school just down the road from me. Just by coincidence, I was smoking outside Wembley arena before a Catfish and the Bottlemen gig, where Zac then stood next to me and we got chatting about bands and shit.. It wasn’t until a few days later that a mutual friend who is also now does a lot of photography for us found out and asked if I wanted to join them cos he had been looking for another guitarist/singer. We left a notice in a music shop for a bassist and Ash got in contact with us saying he’s interested. We all love the same music and get on really well which makes it easy, we enjoy what we do and we all want get to the same place and play stadiums to people who want big fuck off rock’n’roll tunes.

ZAC: Originally the band started with me and the drummer (Stephen Walsh). We just started off doing covers of Arctic Monkeys tunes. It sounded shit but we enjoyed playing together and making music. We then decided to have a crack at making our own tunes. After about a year we recruited Joe Leak on guitar and Ash Kirk on bass. Since then we’ve got better and better as a band.

I’m assuming you’re all still in school- how do you find the balance between being in a band and work?

JOE: Just in our spare time we each work on small little ideas that we have, and then at a weekend we come together and just whack out new tunes. We’re not that fucking serious where we dedicate every minute of our day to writings songs, it just comes naturally if we have an idea we smash it out.

As a young band, do you feel as if you looked down upon?

ZAC: I don’t feel we’re looked down upon but sometimes I feel as a new young band we aren’t given enough chances, no one seems to make the effort to hear us and listen to our tunes. We’ve just got to keep grafting and making quality rock’n’roll music you know.

STEVE: Doesn’t matter what your age is or who you are but if your music is good then no one should look down on you. We can do what other bands can so why should we.

As a band, who are your influences?

ZAC: Our influences as a band are obviously bands such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Stone Roses. These bands are all pure guitar bands and the last of a dying breed of rock’n’roll stars.

JOE: I have a massive music taste, I’m mad about the tunes that get a crowd going and a song that’s recognisable, Like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys

Are you involved with your local BBC Introducing set up?

JOE: We have sent our single in but waiting for a reply.


Describe your sound in three words?

ZAC: The fucking bollocks.

JOE: Huge, massive and Class

Your single, Pandemonium is ace, What was the recording process like?

THE HARLYNS: We recorded Pandemonium in Producer Dave Simpson’s home studio, down the road from where we all live as we know him through Zac. We got it recorded dead quick. Zac and Stephen went in the studio in the morning and laid down the guitar and drum parts. Ash then laid down bass and Joe recorded vocals. We all completed it with a few takes because of the writing process where we all chip in idea with Joe writing most of lyrics and Zac, Steve and Ash writing their parts. Dave then mixed the track and we got it out there as soon as he sent it.

What is the message behind Pandemonium?

ZAC: Pandemonium is tune to save rock’n’roll music and that’s it. There’s no bands out there making big rock n roll tunes so we’re here to making massive songs and take over the world.

JOE: When I wrote the lyrics, I didn’t write it for anyone. I want it to be something people can sing back to me and go fucking mental to.

So you have an EP coming out, what can we expect and when can we expect?

JOE: Stadium anthems with big guitar riffs and drum beats. We are going to bring back good old rock’n’roll music. It will be out in late summer. So keep watching !

What’s up next for The Harlyns?

THE HARLYNS: For us the most important thing is for people to hear our music, so just to do gig after gig and get ourselves out there. More music and massive tunes!

Listen to their track, Pandemonium below:


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