Album Review: The Best Of… So Far, The Kooks

n a bands career, there comes a time when a compilation album is a necessity and this time is now for The Kooks. A compilation album is iconic for a band, a milestone and marks their success. However, the scene has transformed since The Kooks were owning the indie-rock scene but this compilation re-ignites the flame. The Kooks return with their latest album, ‘The Best Of … So Far’ released 19th May.

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Coming 11 years later after the release of their debut album. The Kooks released their debut album in the same year as Arctic Monkeys and ever since they have been fighting to win over the hearts of the youth. However, both seem to have been successful and together created a new generation of British guitar bands. The album injects a element of nostalgia into not only the devoted fans but all the listeners who can not stay away from the vibe which the Kooks bring.


Here’s a short history lesson on Brighton’s finest; They formed in 2004 taking their name from a David Bowie song (Hunky Dory), after meeting at Brighton Music College and released album number 1, Inside In/Inside Out in 2006 which has been their most successful LP to date. It proved hard to top their debut but this is an issue all bands have to conquer. Their sophomore, Konk entered the charts at number one but quickly fell down the charts and 2011’s Junk of the Heart still had little success compared to their debut. By 2014, they needed a revamp and Listen proved to be just that, still had the Kooks-y vibe but brought in elements of soul, dance and new wave. And this is where we are up to now.

The Best Of… So  Far’ is a career-spanning record putting all the classics (Naive, She Moves In Her Own Way, Junk of the Heart (Happy), Eddie’s Gun and the under-appreciated Down) but also includes two fresh tracks. The first, ‘Be Who You Are which was released as a teaser for the compilation and is simply a huge song, bringing the best of The Kooks into 4 minutes. The feel good, upbeat indie tune and heartfelt lyrics, its all too familiar. The Kooks became the soundtrack of our generation and this track reminds us of what The Kooks gave to us. It belongs in the late-noughties. The Kooks accompanied ‘Be Who You Are’ with a evocative music video. The second new track is ‘Broken Vow’. The final track from the compilation and a fitting ending to an era of The Kooks. In three words, It’s anthemic, comforting and sentimental.


They have just finished touring the compilation album as a farewell to their record label and a celebration of the old songs and have just released their plans to embark on their first UK Arena Tour. As well as releasing their next LP in 2018, album number 7.

Listen to the full album below:



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