Introducing: The Gallerys

Read my Interview with The Gallerys. A trio from Kent, who produce classic britpop which takes you back to the golden age of Oasis and Blur. They have recently released their debut EP and have been touring across the UK making a name for themselves. 

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Tell me about the origins of The Gallerys?

James and Dan met at college in Tunbridge Wells where they started the band with another bass player. They gigged for a while before the bass player left for university and was unable to commit to the band. They got in touch with Craig through a mutual friend of Dans. James, Craig and Dan have been “The Gallerys” for about 1 and a half years.

Who have been your musical influences as you have developed as a band?

Craig : For me it has to be a combination of my favourite bands; The Beatles, The Who, The Jam, The Kinks,Madness and The Specials. The songwriting of all these bands is absolute quality, it’s great listening to them to get ideas and inspiration. I know James is very into Oasis, The Verve and Hendrix with Dan being into The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Led Zeppelin.

Your music has huge Oasis vibes, is this intentional or just natural?

C: Personally I take a lot of inspiration from The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks in the songs I’ve written. Oasis are a great band though. I know Dan and James are big fans of Oasis.

Your debut EP came out a while back, How has this been received?

C: It’s been received really well and we’re really grateful for the top response it’s got. Had top reviews from Merc in London who branded us “one of the most promising bands of 2017”. It makes it all worthwhile it to have people say they enjoy the music you’ve written and worked hard to get right and record as band.
What was the recording process behind the EP?

C: We spread recording over 3 days at Brighton Electric. The building’s a converted tram station, so every room is massive and has a lot of space which gave us a lot of freedom during set up and recording the tracks. Brighton has a lot of students who use the studios so it was a cool vibe and atmosphere throughout the recording process. How many recording studios have an in-house bar with the option to have pizza and a beer? We worked with a sound engineer who recorded The Cure’s latest work, so it was great working with someone with that level of knowledge.

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Looking forward to the rest of 2017, what are your plans in terms of gigging and recording?
We’ve got lots of good gigs lined up. In May we supported Roddy Radiation (The Specials guitar player) at The Dublin Castle Camden, supporting From the Jam at the o2 Academy Leicester, played a special hometown show in The Royal Albion in Maidstone and featured at the Margate Mod and Sixties Festival. In June we’re headlining a Sheffield music venue which is gonna be quality as we have a lot of fans up North and have never been to Sheffield before. In July we’re headlining some venues in Kent and playing some music festivals such as Create in Ashford. We can’t wait for August where we’ll be supporting Madness at the Kent County Showground, it’s gonna be our biggest gig yet and we can’t wait. Currently we’re halfway through a national UK tour with The Rifles which will see The Gallerys be support on the Bristol, Cambridge, Portsmouth and Oxford dates. The Rifles fans are great and love seeing us support the band.
In terms of recording, we may record a single this year. At the moment we’re focusing on learning two new tunes during rehearsals. They’re sounding great at the minute so we’ll decide what we’re going to do with them when they’re sounding tight, well rehearsed, and like a Gallerys tune.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Kent?
C: The music scene in Kent is pretty good, there are some great venues like Ramsgate Music Hall and Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone. My home town, Maidstone, has a big music scene for cover bands and tribute bands, which makes it hard to get a gig sometimes as we play original music. Best thing to do is put on your own gig in a local venue.
My personal favourite has to be the Tunbridge Wells Forum. The venues quite small and attracts big names who visit the venue during tours on a regular basis, making a great night out in a proper music venue. The Forum has given us many great opportunities and helped us to progress as a band which we’re grateful for.  

Have you been involved in any programmes like BBC Introducing?
C: We’ve been featured on BBC Introducing with our track “The End”, and have been on the James Whale BBC Radio Kent show which takes place on a Saturday morning, broadcasting to the entire of Kent. We’re heading back to BBC Radio Kent on Saturday 6th May for another interview/ live performance. We can’t wait; we have new tunes and have gotten better as a band!

If you had a chance to perform with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?
C: Either the Jam or The Who. Both acts delivered unbelievable, high energy performance. Start to finish. Every time. That’s the kind of level we love playing at all our shows.

Listen to their EP below:



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