Introducing: Salvation Jayne

Salvation Jayne are a fresh rock outfit from Kent. Formed back in 2013 but have recently hit back with a new line with Chess leading the way with powerful vocals. This year, they have already released an EP and have shown the path which they want to go down which is nothing but exciting. Read my interview with them below:

So Tell me a bit about the band and its origins?

Salvation Jayne: We actually started out mostly playing in the UK blues scene, but as our sound changed over time and we had some lineup changes with Tor and Chess joining, we began incorporating some of our other influences into the sound and leaning more towards the alternative rock scene.

Recently when we’ve been writing there are no rules applied, so it’s a lot more colourful than it was

Who are your musical influences and where do they originate from?

SJ: We’re all into very different stuff and draw influences not only from bands, but also TV shows/films and books. Generally it’s pretty dark stuff, that has a lot of energy. Imagine Neil Gaiman wrote songs and used a backing band consisting of members of Royal Blood, QOTSA, Killing Joke and Girls Against Boys!

Describe your style in three words.

SJ: Quirky dark rock.

So 2017 has seen a new line up, how has this been received by your fanbase?

SJ: Really well actually, everything has finally clicked into place and we have had lots of positive comments. Also, having the new sound has brought in a wider fanbase!

You recently released debut single, Burn It Down, Has it had the reception you were hoping for?

SJ: Definitely, we’ve been really pleased with the response.

What is the message you were trying to deliver through this single?

SJ: Kind of about saying goodbye to the old Salvation Jayne sound and doing something fresh with the new lineup.

Burn It Down was also part of your first EP, How was this received?

SJ: Really well so far, we’ve only just started getting reviews in for the EP but all have been positive up to this point.

Tell me a bit about the writing and recording process?

SJ: It’s a mixed bag really. All of the members contribute towards the music and the lyrics in various capacities. Recording was fun, as we do it ourselves (our bassist Dan produces bands for a living). We had the luxury of time to experiment and get things just right!

How does it feel to have the drummers of AC/DC and The Clash, getting behind your project?

SJ: It’s great to have positive feedback from such important figures in the music industry.

Where can we catch Salvation Jayne this summer?

SJ: We have a lot of shows around London, and other parts of the UK. All dates are listed on our website.

What can we expect from Salvation Jayne over the rest of 2017?

SJ: Another new single/video and EP by the end of the year, playing shows and mostly setting ourselves up for 2018

Listen to Burn It Down Here:



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